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Roving Eye












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Blues Birthday Heroes: Singer Carolyn Gaines Honors Roy Gaines, Buddy Guy, Junior Kimbrough, Blind Boy Fuller



What do Buddy Guy, Roy Gaines, Blind Boy Fuller, Junior Kimbrough and Carolyn Gaines have in common? Other than all five being blues artists, their birthdays have recently been celebrated. While the first four musicians are all well-known blues legends, Carolyn Gaines (Roy Gaines’ daughter) is an up-and-coming blues singer who has already made major contributions to the blues as a teacher keeping Buddy Guy, Leadbelly, Shemekia Copeland, T-Bone Walker, Big Mama Thornton, Bobby Blue Bland, Joe Scott, Johnny Lang, Guitar Shorty, her uncle Grady Gaines, B.B. King, and Roy Gaines’ names alive behind the scenes. She has also been inspired by the four veterans and performs her own fresh interpretations of some of their songs.

Buddy Guy, who ranks as the most famous living blues artist, celebrated his 80th birthday this July 30.
...Find full article and photos here on our website



 Blues Birthday Heroes: Up & Coming Blues Singer Carolyn Gaines Honors: Roy Gaines, Buddy Guy, Junior Kimbrough, Blind Boy Fuller



Carolyn Gaines.. the new music singer with renaissance style sound steps out as an important new blues singer Blues Festival Guide 2016.

         The blues singer Dr Carolyn Gaines wrote about Jeff Beck and Buddy Guy August 10th, 2016 Hollywood Bowl Concert.
The latest blues news July 30th 2016 about Carolyn Gaines the renaissance blues woman stepped as an important new blues singer.
Blues Festival Guide. ... author Carolyn Gaines has also entered the blues world as a newblues/rock singer. For blues educational public speaking
Congratulations to Buddy Guy & Shemekia Copeland from Blues Schools ... By Dr.Carolyn Blues Singer Gaines. ... Copyright 2016Blues Festival Guide Magazine. MENU speaking and festival ...
The blues singer Carolyn Gaines pose with a picture of super star Buddy Guy and Buddy Guy's Guitarist Ric Hall, Piano Player Martin Sammon at Avila Blues Festival May 29th 2016.
Polkadot Blues Singer A Blues Festival Guide Moment and a Phantom Rolls Royce moment  May 2016.


The Polkadot Blues Singer Carolyn Gaines pointing at Lgendary Guitar shorty New Years Eve 2016.




 Lifetime Grammy winner Buddy Guy and Blues Singer Dr. Carolyn Gaines are the doctors of the Blues, 2015.

 roving eye1


Blythe River Blues Festival...Opening Act Carolyn Gaines For Decan Jones, Eric Gales, and Christone Kingfish 2016..





 The Blues Singer, auther Dr Carolyn Gaines second edition Blues Why Blues & Latin Music with a cartoon of blues artist Buddy Guy in the Blues Festival Guide 2015. Yes, the six time grammy winner Buddy Guy told Carolyn Gaines two minutes befoore he was going on stage that I know you.


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Yes the Blues Singer Carolyn Gaines previews the PlayBoy Jazz Festival in Hollywood California starring her father legendary Roy Gaines with Robert Cray, Sonny Landreth, and Shelia E.


 Yes, the blues singer Carolyn Gaines covered the Playboy Jazz Festival 2016 Stars her father Roy Gaines and Liz Warfield. They both sold out.


Yes the blues singer interviewed recording artist Sonny Landreth backstage 2016 at the Hollywood Bowl.





Rhythm and Blues Magazine 2009.




Yes the Polkadot blues singer Gaines interviews ex Boxing Champ Oscar De La Hoya 2014



Yes Blues Singer Carolyn Gaines covered Floyd Mayweather JR. September 2014 in Las Vegas. Gaines joins blues and boxing together in this article by the way of discussing her father Roy Gaines, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters Willy Dixon, Chess Records, Leadbelly, Bessie Smith, MaRainey, Bobby Blue Bland, and the king of blues B.B. King.



Boxing and blues, Floyd Mayweather JR., Roy Gaines and Blues 



Opening acts Carolyn Wonderland, and super star Trombone Shorty for Buddy Guy, at the Avila beach Blues Festival Sunday May 29th 2016 at Avila Beach Resort.

(Blues Singer Carolyn Gaines and Trombone Shorty)


Yes, the blues singer Carolyn Gaines placed this ad in the California Crusader Newspaper.



The Blues Singer Writes about Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, and Stevie Wonders' Motown's A&R Man 2015.



Blues Singer Honor B.B. King 2015.



Carolyn Gaines the Blues Singer Author, and Jimi Hendrix brother and law Guitar Shorty kicks the New Years 2016 off at his Blues Rock and Roll concert at Harvelle's Blues Club.




 The Smooth Jazz magazine, the Blues Singer drew a cartoon of Blues singer Grammy Nominee Buddy Guy 2016



In the Smooth Jazz magazine, Carolyn Gaines congrdulates Buddy Guy Grammy Winner 2016



Blues Singer Carolyn Gaines gets her Blues Style from her father Roy Gaines, Bobby Blue Band, and Buddy Guy, April 23rd 2016.




Blues Schools Program Salutes Grammy Winner 2016 Buddy Guy the Phantom Rolls Royce of the Blues

By Dr. Carolyn “Blues Singer” Gaines

Website: http://bluesfestivalguide.com/blues-schools-program-salutes-grammy-winner-2016-buddy-guy-the-phantom-rolls-royce-of-the-blues/


Buddy Guy and the Blues Singer


How many times has the Jazz world saluted the marvelous late, great Frank Sinatra? In the same fashion, the Blues Schools Program would like to salute first and foremost, Buddy Guy, my father Roy Gaines, my uncle Grady Gaines, Eric Clapton, Hubert Laws, Herbie Hancock, Carlos Santana, Eric Gales, Gary Clark Jr., Bonnie Raitt, and also the late greats such as Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Howlin’ Wolf, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Blue Bland, and the King of Blues B.B. King in the Blues for being the most accessible
entertainers, and for the historical way these artists put their signature stamp on music, indelibly pressed into the public


Let’s chat about the charming and legendary Buddy Guy who just won a Grammy for Best Blues Album (Born To Play Guitar), What did Buddy Guy talk about during his Grammy interview on the Red Carpet?


“It means a lot,” Buddy Guy said. “There are so many great, talented people out their now. If you are fortunate enough and lucky enough to be nominated for something, it’s special because a lot of my friends who are no longer with us anymore, should have these awards. Every award that I have ever received, I received in honor of Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon and of course, the late great B.B. King is where I learned all my lessons from. I listened and I tried to improve upon what they were doing. I did not learn any of it from a book. I can’t read music. They have all walked in some good mud and have left some good tracks.” Blues crooner Guy said, ”At least, I know the blues is not dead.”


Kiss and Buddy Guy at Grammy 2016



Blues Schools Program GRAMMY Blues Class: After The Grammy’s, here are some Blues congratulation quotes for six-time Grammy winner and Lifetime Achievement winner, Mr. Buddy Guy, from Grady Gaines, Bobby Rush, Ric Jazz Hall, Guitar Shorty, Roger Naber, Hubert Laws, and Dr. Carolyn “Blues Singer” Gaines.


My uncle, Grady Gaines, rock n’ roll saxophonist said, ”I think he’s one of the greatest guitarists and blues singers about, and I
put him next to B.B. King. There’s no doubt that Buddy came through the blues.”


Bobby Rush, who received a Best Blues Album Grammy Award nomination back in February 2014 for his CD, Down in Louisiana, stated, ”I think it’s a great win for Buddy Guy to win a Grammy for Best Blues Album. He earned everything that’s coming to him. Buddy put the time in and he’s a good person. I define him as a good blues man. Guy is my friend and I would like to see him win again and again. I love the man. He worked hard for a good album and I wish him well now and with all the things he’s got coming! There’s only a few of us left, Bobby Rush, Roy Gaines and Buddy Guy! Congratulations Buddy! You are the best…a very talented man and I love you man!”



Buddy’s guitar player, Ric Jazz Hall said, ”Well Deserved! A lot of history, stress and disappointment behind BG, a legend getting  his Grammy and I wish Buddy Guy more success and hope he gets more Grammy’s. Buddy is the last original blues man. Buddy and your father Roy Gaines are the pioneers (CG) who opened doors for us.”


Audubon 8th Grader Rainey, polkadot Blues Singer, president of Blues Schoools program, Carolyn & Buddy Guy 2003.



Blues Schools Program Guitar Shorty had just got off the airplane and said, ”Well, he had it coming and well deserved! Many more than that! I hope, I am next while I’m alive.”


Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise co-founder and promoter Roger Naber said, ”Carolyn and I were on a flight from Spain on American Airline’s and the music channel’s number one add was Buddy Guy. Out of Top #10 on Amazon.com, Buddy Guy also had 3 or 4 songs for download. He has gotten a lot of airplay of his new record, Born To Play Guitar, and I don’t know of any other artist so diverse for blues record’s changing tones. Buddy Guy put out a great record with producer Tom Hambridge. It came as no surprise that Buddy won the Grammy for an excellent record.”


Hubert Laws-Jazz Classical Flutist said, ”I was first exposed to Rhythm & Blues from a honky tonk across the street from where I was living as a child. Later, I was exposed to the same form of music from some acquaintances of mine, Roy Gaines and Grady Gaines two people in the Blues genre who later became my two favorites.”



Opening act the Blues Singer at Palm Canyon Roadhouse 2015.




Blues Schools Program


Dr. Carolyn “Blues Singer” Gaines said, “Buddy Guy, a well-designed ‘Blues Phantom Rolls-Royce,’ who wasn’t on the showroom floor, but on stage holding the only real woman who understood him…his guitar, and singing the blues with the sounds of Bobby Blue Bland, Muddy Waters and the late greats, the king of Blues, B.B. King, Willie Dixon, and Howlin’ Wolf. All of these sounds combined became Guy’s very own original. (Don’t forget Buddy’s, mom and the Polka Dots!). Well-deserved Grammy Winner, Phantom Rolls-Royce of the Blues, Buddy Guy. Just as Guy said in his hit book, ”When I Left Home…”I Got To Go Now!’ Carolyn “Blues Singer” Gaines available for recordings, blues festival bookings, and blues educational public speaking, 


(323) 286-2197.


Share your pose with the 13th Annual BFG Magazine.


Carolyn Blues Singer Gaines met her friend Minnie who is a blues supporter to share the BFG.
Blues Diva Carolyn Gaines loves being out there singing the blues in effort to support CG
journey to show off the 2015 Blues Festival Guide. CG keeping Blues Alive at the Rolls
Royce Dealership!


 Polkadot Blues Singer holds the Blues Festival Guide in the Phantom Rolls Royce 2016



Here's Carolyn "Blues Singer" Gaines showing off her Blues Festival Guide magazine. Carolyn
says she loves being out there singing the blues and keeping the blues alive! Photo: Terry
Guy *NOTE! Snap photos of you, your friends or an artist with the 2015 Guide! *EMAIL photo
plus caption & credit. *Want your own hard copy? Order via our website. Our 2015 edition
is sponsored by the Jackson Rhythm & Blues Festival, Jackson, MS.


Find the digital version here.


Lifetime Achievement Buddy Guy and Blues Singer Carolyn Gaines, and pres. of Blues Schools program Carolyn Gaines 2016.



Congratulations to Buddy Guy & Shemekia Copeland from Blues Schools Program! The Blues 58th GRAMMY goes too…


By Dr. Carolyn Blues Singer Gaines


GRAMMY nominees, Buddy Guy and Shemekia Copeland, the most exciting artists of 2015,

were instrumental to the Blues Schools Program along with the blues legend Roy Gaines, the king of keeping Blues alive
with Los Angeles Unified Schools District (LAUSD) students. The Blues Schools Program greatly appreciates Buddy Guy and


Shemekia Copeland for their past participation with our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.


Their blues concerts, under the direction of Dr. Carolyn Blues Singer Gaines at the Greek Theatre
and California State University, helped educate our youth about Blues in 2003, and we are very grateful.
Shemekia, Buddy, Roy Gaines, Guitar Shorty, Keb’ Mo’, Taj Mahal, Hubert Laws, Herbie Hancock, Lisa Terry,
and the late greats Ike Turner and B.B. King also did meet-and-greets with many of the (LAUSD) music students.


Read more about it here.



Polkadot Blues Singer Carolyn Gaines


Q&A with Carolyn Gaines (founder of Blues Schools Program) - teaches the blues history to the youths


"Blues music has impacted the world, but Blues has not impacted African women and men to keep study employment in the blues business. The best and the greatest musicians are not being recognize."


Keep The Blues Alive Carolyn W. Gaines is a known person in the blues music industry, professionally public speaking, and teaching blues historyfrom the 1800’s generating popular stars like LeadBelly, Blind Lemon Jefferson; 1900’s Bessie Smith, Ma’ Rainey, Blind Boy Fuller, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and Muddy Waters to the 21st century blues artists. She teaches blues to the youths coming from L.A., Hawthorne, Pasadena, Palms Springs and Unified School District Students.


In addition, she educates about the importance of blues artist like Shemekia, Lightin' Hopkins, Keb Mo, B.B King, not just to the youth but also to children and adults that do not know them. This is why, Carolyn is the President and Founder of Blues Schools Program. She has worked hard as an advocate and cheerleader for keeping "BLUES" alive by doing things like beginning as manager of her father's Roy Gaines Blues Club called "Gainesville", taught Blues history, art, lyrics writing classes, created blues & Latin exhibits that produced 2000 Jazz,Latin, and Blues assemblies for many public schools and private schools.


Read more about it here.


“Palm Springs Black History Month Parade & Town Fair Blues Singer Carolyn Gaines performed Buddy Guy's ''Guess What'' and taught Blues History about B.B. King, Roy Gaines, Etta James, and Buddy Guy...in support of Carolyn W. Gaines keeping Blues Alive”

 — Carolyn W.Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 

“''FLAMING-HOT-DIANA ROSS'' DESERT STAR WEEKLY LIVE AT THE SCENE Carolyn W. Gaines in effort to keep Blues Alive”

 — Carolyn W.Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 


“Cyril Neville's ''Don't Look Back'' Aaron Neville's baby brother named Cyril Neville is full of blues and Soulful Funk Music Fire 'Don't Look Back' feel the message for a good reason. By Carolyn W. Gaines in effort to keep Blues Alive”

— Carolyn W. Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 


Yes the Polkadot blue singer interviews Grammy Winner Cyril Neville the baby brother of Grammy Winner Arron Neville, July 15th 2015.




“Blues-Rock Jim Gaines Produced Johnny Rawls, John Lee Hooker & Carlos Santana in effort to Carolyn W. Gaines keeping Blues Alive”

 — Carolyn W.Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 


“DHS CELEBRATES Desert Hot Springs Celebrates America's Birthday on July 5th with a bang!”

 — Carolyn W.Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 




“Washington Prep High School Music Students Received A Hand Full of God Father of Soul James Brown Go James Brown, Go James Brown! Go Roy Gaines, Go Roy Gaines!”

— Carolyn W. Gaines, California Crusader 



In The Smooth Jazz magazine, Legendary blues guitarist Roy Gaines daughter said happy birthday to Billy Holiday and Bessie Smith.. 2016.



“FRAMPTON'S GUITAR CIRCUS AT HOLLYWOOD BOWL By Carolyn W. Gaines Two phenomenon guitar players Frampton & Guy landed a 747 'BLUES ROCK' music concert on their Hollywood Bowl Fan.”

 — Carolyn W.Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 


“1st Annual LAUSD Student and 7 Entertainment Blues School Blues Art Exhibit Friday, February and Saturday, February 5 Bradley Court. Lower Level 7 Entertainment Blues Schools presents Blues Art Exhibit from Los Angeles Unified School District students for Black History Month 2005. This is your opportunity to see student created Blues Music Collages illustrating what kids today think of blues music and blues artists such as B.B. King, Etta James, Keb Moe, Shemekia Copeland, Lead Belly, Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Wee Bee Boozie, Lonnie Johnson, Grady Gaines, Buddy Guy, Roy Gaines 2005. Another Bleus project created and produced by Dr. Carolyn W. Gaines in effort to keep blues alive.”



“''Blues-Rock Jim Gaines Produced Johnny Rawls, John Lee & Carlos Santana'' Carolyn W. Gaines in effort to keep Blues Alive....contacted Ruf Records thehottest Music Producer in the world, Mr. Jim Gaines, for a telephone interview. Mr. Jim Gaines the non-stop music producer recalled some ten years ago when I called him to produce an album about Blues great Roy Gaines. Carolyn Gaines asked Jim several Question 7: What message can you send to the young kids who are not listening to Blues music or recording Blues in a studio? Answer: ''I think the kids should listen to Blues to be exposed to the Blues. Everyone's generation has it's own music. I work with a lot of young artists who are exposed to the Blues. Their parents played the Blues, and some of the kids got to listen to blues and felt in love with the Blues? Blues have been out a long, long time!'' Dr. Carolyn W. Gaines is a Blues Singer that love the Blues, and always finds a way to keep Blues alive....”

 — Carolyn W. Gaines, www.desertstarweekly.com


“''CYRIL NEVILLE'S ''DON'T LOOK BACK'' Carolyn w. Gaines interviewed Aaron Neville's baby brother named Cyril Neville in effort for legendary Blues Artist Roy Gaines' daughter to keep blues alive: Cyril Neville is full of blues and Soul full Funk music fire 'Don't Look Back' feel the message for a good reason. Carolyn Gaines had Cyril Neville 8 questions a few pertaining to Blues: Question 2. Do you think Blues your sound is different than Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Eric Gales, B.B. King, and Roy Gaines my father? Cyril said,'' I think the Blues is a Universal Feeling band is expressed differently by everyone who loves and plays it. I also think that the Blues is the basis of all American MUSIC? What would this world be without the music of B.B. King, without Bobby Blue Bland doing his thing? Without Muddy Waters and Howl' in Wolf to grow up on, the Beatles and the Stones may have never left home. There'd be no Elvis or Jerry Lee, and a young Eric Clapton may never have crossed the sea.''”

— Carolyn W.Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 


“''FLAMING-HOT-DIANA ROSS'' DESERT STAR WEEKLY LIVE AT THE SCENE: Carolyn W. Gaines Indio, Ca. On September 20, 2014, music icon, Crooner Legendary, Superstar Diana Ross sold out 3,500 Seats! Ross landed Motown's history making song called, ''You Can't Hurry Love'' Diana Ross the greatest Pop Diva of all times: Carolyn W. Gaines effort in keeping Blues alive in the write up about Diana Ross. Carolyn W. Gaines said,'' I began listening to Ross from Clayton Homes Project in Houston, Texas. Diana Ross and the Supremes' were young African American Superstars signed to Barry Gordy's Motown Record Company. I used to attend Motown Recording Session with my father. Roy Gaines was a hot session guitarist for Motown Records. Gaines' guitar riffs and sols are on Diana Ross recordings and Stevie Wonder. Roy Gaines best friend was Gil Askey, Band Conductor, for Diana Ross & The Supremes' remember, Gil Askey coming to our House when I was a little girl, and Mr. Askey died April 20, 2014.”

 — Carolyn W. Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 


“''B.B.KING DIES AT 89'' Carolyn Blues Singer Gaines keeping Blues Alive”

 — Carolyn W. Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 


Blues singer Carolyn Gaines last write up about the king of blues 2015.



“ELIVS PRESLEY'THE UNFORGETTABLE LEGEND'' DESERT STAR WEEKLY LIVEE AT THE SCENE BLUES SINGER CAROLYN GAINES KEEPING BLUES ALIVE at The King of Rock n Roll House Elvis Presley Carolyn Gaines in person at his home...in a picture taken with her BG Jacket on and hosting Elvis 80th birthday celebration poster in Elvis 's Home...”

 — Carolyn W. Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 


Carolyn Gaines and Chan Romero sing rock and roll at Elvis Presley's house for his 80th birthday 2015.



Elvis Presley Write Up Part 2



'SPICY, JAZZY,CLASSY BLUES'' The Purple Room had a sold out show with Shirley King and opening act Tony Grand berry Blues Singer Carolyn Gaines keeping Blues Alive”

 — Carolyn W. Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 




 — Carolyn W. Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 



 — Carolyn W.Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 



 — Carolyn W.Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 



 — Carolyn W.Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 


“DIVA PAQUITA BARRIO SINGS LATIN & BLUES LYRICS Paquita sings folk ballads using guitars and horn just like Queen of Blues Etta James did. Blues Singer Carolyn Gaines keeping Blues Alive”

 — Carolyn W. Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 


“A BLAZING''RED HOUSE'' EXPERIENCE' Fantasy Springs Casino had a Brilliant Jimi Hendrix Experience for nearly 3,000 Submissive Blues, Rock n' Roll Fans Celebration with Buddy Guy, Billy Cox, Ana Popovic, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Zakk Wldye, and Johnny Lang Blues Singer Carolyn Gaines effort to keep BLUES ALIVE”

 — Carolyn W.Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 


Yes the Blues Singer covered the Jimmy Hendrix Experience Tour with Eric Johnson, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, Johny Lang, Anna Popovic, Buddy Guy.President of the bluesschools program interviews rock star, Eric Johnson and Blues rockstar Kenny Wane Shepherd while he was on the road to perform at the Jimy Hendrix Experience concert to open for Buddy Guy, 2014.



“BOBBY RUSH,BLUES 2014 GRAMMY WINNER,” Blues Singer Carolyn Gaines effort to keep Blues Alive”

 — Carolyn W. Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 


In the Desert Star Weekly, The blues singer Carolyn Gaines interviews Bobby Rush who is 2016 Grammy Winner Buddy Guy Best Friend.





“KENNY WAYNE SHEHERD WITH JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE Blues Singer Carolyn Gaines effort to keep blues alive.”

 — Carolyn W.Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 


“'BUDDY GUY HOT,HOT BLUES SHOW'' Write up about Roy Gaines & Buddy Gaines Blues Singer Carolyn Gaines efforts in supporting Keeping Blues alive”

 — Carolyn W.Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 


In the Desert Star Weekly, Yes the Polkadot Blues Singer covered the super star Buddy Guy's Blues Concert 2014, and covered super star Aaron Neville along with Buddy Guy lead guitarist Ric Hall 2014.


 The Blues Singer Carolyn Gaines dad Legendary Guitarist Roy Gaines




“B. B. Brings Blues to the Bowl” Students enjoy special evening with B.B. King - thanks to special program...Carolyn Washington-Gaines produced meet and greet with the king of blues B.B. King at the Hollywood Bowl Backstage and the Los Angeles Music shared time backstage with B.B. King and he told them stories about his life. A quote from: Carolyn W. Gaines the President of the Blues Schools Program said.''



“PROGRAM SPREADS THE BLUES AT DORSEY HIGH'' 'WITH IKE TURNER & ROY GAINES' under the direction of Carolyn W. Gaines who is the daughter of blues artist ROY GAINES...Carolyn W. Gaines produced 2 Assemblies at Susan Miller Dorsey High School with Ike Turner who Donated signed Guitars to Dorsey High and singed autographed photos of him, Crenshaw High by the way of Blues Schools Program Pres.. Carolyn W. Gaines 2003 in her effort to keep Blues Music alive with youth of Today. A quote from Carolyn Gaines: ''The goal is to expose inner-city kids to more blues artist such as Roy Gaines, Ike Turner, B.B. King, and Buddy Guy and to purchase musical instruments,'' said Washington.''The kids, they really love it because it's something different and they're not really exposed to blues.''

 — Dennis Freeman, L.A.Watts Times/Education 


“'''SHAKING HANDS WITH A LEGEND'' Legendary Jazz Guitarist Roy Gaines Shakes Hand with students at Bud long Elementary School Tuesday after he performed as part of BLACK HISTORY MONTH CELEBRATION FOR STUDENTS.'' Under the direction & Blues Assemblies created produced by Carolyn W-Gaines for Bud long Elementary 400 students dancing, clapping and singing the Blues with Roy Gaines and his daughter Carolyn W. Gaines...”

 — Photo by Gary McCathy, Los Angeles Wave Newspaper 


“LOS ANGELES TIMES ''A SONG TO SING'' Second-graders Tinya Lewis, above center, dances to blues music by guitarist Roy Gaines on Tuesday at Bud long Elementary School. Roy Gaines (left), spoke to students about American blues music and played the blues, jazz and gospel songs. Blues Assembles in the celebration of keeping Black History Month alive for the youth of Today under the direction created and produced the 3 blues assemblies: Carolyn Washington -Gaines who is now Carolyn Blues Singer Gaines the new blues diva....2015”

— Photo by: Francine Orr, Los Angeles Times Newspaper 


“''CELEBRATING BLACK HISTORY MONTH'' 'THE BLUES' BRINGS SUNSHINE AND UNITY TO BUDLONG ELEMENTARY Black and Latino students dance and sing together Fourth Graders gets the blues under the direction of the President of 'Blues Schools Program' Carolyn Washington-Gaines who is now Carolyn Blues Singer Gaines today the new blues singer-diva....2015”

— Kenneth Miller/ Entertainment Editor, LOS ANGELES SENTINEL ENT. 


''7 Entertainment Blues Schools Program'' Backstage with Buddy Guy & Carolyn Washington-Gaines ---October-November 2011 in the Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazines with the President of Blues Schools Program ...Carolyn Blues Singer Gaines.”

 — Carolyn Washington-Gaines, Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine 


''Foshay Middle Schools Got The Blues'' By Carolyn Washington & Roy Lawrence Late great Jimi Hendrix's brother-in-Law Guitar Shorty scores Big with Foshay Middle School Music Students. Guitar Shorty begins his ''Blues Day'' with an in-class workshop with fifty students from music director Mr. Womack's advance and music gifted students by teaching the kids. Guitar Shorty taught the music students'' How To Play The Blues''. Foshay's own 10th Grader Edgar Hernandez presented Guitar Shorty with his very own style of Light in Hawkin's melody. Under the director of Carolyn Washington who is now the new blues singer Carolyn Blues Singer Gaines and the President of the Blues Schools Program...project included Blues Assemblies with Guitar Shorty.”

 — Carolyn Washington & Roy Lawrence, California Crusader 


''LESSONS IN BLUES'' Peary Middle School introduced its students to BLUES MUSIC ART, and HISTORY through the ''Here Come the Blues'' Program with students singing the blues with singer Renee Lamor leads students in a blues song. Carolyn Washington, creator of the Blues Schools Program and the daughter of Blues Artist Roy Gaines. The program, which took place March 6-8, hopes to keep the blues alive, specifically through African American and Hispanic youth. Students created a blues exhibit in the auditorium. The Bobby Brown Blues Band performed with Peary students on the last day of the program. Washington worked with Peary's categorical program adviser Cassandra Hawkins to introduced the blues program to students.”

 — Photos by Gary Kohatsu, Gardena Valley News 


“''These Kids Really Get the Blues" At Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, Blues Schools Program founder Carolyn Washington (left, in red) show off blues, jazz artwork done by South Los Angeles students for the first annual B.B. King, Roy Gaines, and Buddy Guy Blues Art Exhibit...Carolyn Blues Singer Gaines effort in support of Keeping Blues Alive & Celebrates Black History Month 2005...Feb. 11 and 15-19 at Magic Johnson Theaters.”

 — Photos by Gary McCarthy, Los Angeles Wave Newspaper 


''New Program Has Students Singing the Blues....In a Good Way'' By Aisha Mori Coleman Assistant Editor.”

 — Aisha Mori Coleman, L.A.Watts Times/Education 

''7 Entertainment Blues Schools Program President Carolyn Washington produced Blues Field Trip February 28, 2004 with Shemekia Copeland & Taj Mahal for Audubon Middle Schools music students in support of Carolyn Blues Singer Gaines to keep Blues Music Alive....”

 — Carolyn Washington, California Crusader 


''Blues School Program'' A Rose for Lillian Disney, A Rose for Classical/Jazz Player Hubert Laws, A Rose for Blues/Jazz Jazzman Guitar Player Roy Gaines, A Rose for Blues Schools Blues, A Rose for Walt Disney Concert Hall. ''OPENING DAY''”

 — Carolyn Washington, California Crusader 



 — Carolyn Washington, California Crusader 


“SHORT TAKES ''RECOGNIZING THE BLUES---Carolyn Washington-Gaines (right) and (left) Bobby Blue Bland....Carolyn Washington 7 Entertainment's Blues Schools Program honors blues vocalist Bobby Blue Bland and Princess Scott the widow of late great Joe Scott at the Hollywood Park Casino in Inglewood, Ca. honoring 'Bobby Blue Bland' in support of keeping Blues Alive....2003.”

 — Carolyn Washington, L.A. WATTS TIMES ENTERTAINMENT 


“BLACK MUSIC MONTH ''Students Get the Blues with Buddy Guy and Ray Charles'' By ANGELA PARKER CONTRIBUTOR Article: About Legendary Guitarist Blues Singer Buddy Guy & Blues Schools Program: President Carolyn Blues Singer Gaines & Los Angeles Unified School District Students-Audubon Middle School Students 6th, 7th & 8th Graders.....along with Blues Legendary Roy Gaines' grand-daughter 7th Grader Rainey Washington....CAROLYN GAINES IN SUPPORT TO KEEP BLUES ALIVE 2003 WITH THE YOUTH OF TODAY....”



''The BLUES Comes to Schools'' by Angela Parker about Blues Star ''Keb Moe'' and Blues Schools Program President Carolyn Gaines in effort for Carolyn Blues Singer Gaines to keep Blues Music alive with youth of Today and ''Keb Moe''”

 — Angela Parker, theCOMMUNITYSPIRIT 


“''The King of Blues B.B. King answered ''Two Questions'' for children'' B.B. King's cartoon drawn by 'Carolyn Blues Singer Gaines' the niece of legendary saxophonist Grady Gaines who was Little Richard's and Sam Cooke's saxophone player and bandleader.....and the daughter of Roy Gaines who is Billie Holiday's last living guitar player.... Carolyn Gaines wrote this write up in effort to keep Blues Alive.... 2014....I called B.B. King....Manager and Carolyn asked Tina, if I could interview B.B. King....”

 — Carolyn Gaines LAWT Contributing Writer, L A. Watts Times 


The Blues Singer Interviews Legendary B.B. King 2014.




“''Blythe River blues festival honored B.B .King'' By Carolyn Gaines & Photos By Alfonso Murray...Blythe River Blues Festival and late great James Brown's niece Mickey Brown invited ''Carolyn Blues Singer Gaines'' to sing two songs called ''Feels Like Rain'' & ''Guess What'' by legendary Buddy Guy and for Carolyn Gaines to share her moments that Carolyn Gaines the President of Blues Schools Program share with B.B. King with Los Angeles Unified School District Students at the Hollywood Bowl & The Greek Theatre along with the moments that I shared with B.B. King's daughter Shirley King last November, 2015 by driving Shirley King to her father's home in Las Vegas...”

 — Carolyn W. Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 


“'DHS-Carolyn Gaines Receives Honorary Degree'' Please read Write Up, So, You can know who Carolyn Blues Singer Is Today...”

 — By Desert Star Staff, Desert Star Weekly 


“Desert Studio Musicians Legends attend 'Motown's A&R Man Book Signing of William Mickey Stevenson author of Motown's Records First A&R man in THE DAYS OF 1960'S Marin Gaye, Diana Ross & The Supremes.”

 — Carolyn W. Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 


“'Blues!...Why Blues & Latin Music? Book review By Lawrence N. Redd”

 — Lawerence N. Redd, Desert Star Weekly 


“A BETTER DAY FOR BLUES'' A Project Carolyn Blues Singer Gaines Produced for the City of Desert Hot Springs to keep Blues Music alive. ...for Black History Month Feb. 11, 2015”

 — Carolyn W. Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 


“B.B. King, Buddy Guy & Roy Gaines'' Written by Carolyn W. Gaines in effort to keep Blues Music alive.”

 — Carolyn W. Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 


“B.B. King Falls Sickly in Buddy Guy's Chicago Blues Town'' By Carolyn Blues Singer Gaines effort to keep Blues Alive Cartoon's drawn by Carolyn Gaines of Buddy Guy and B.B. King from title book called Blues!...Why Blues & Latin Music? Published on Tate Publishing 2012.”

 — Carolyn W. Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 


“Blues Write Up By Carolyn Blues Singer in effort to keep blues Music Alive with the youth of today and adults: 'The King of Blues B.B. King'' picture from Title book called ''Blues!...Why Blues & Latin Music? author Carolyn W. Gaines the daughter of Blues guitarist Roy Gaines. Published 2012 on Tate Publishing.”

 — Carolyn W. Gaines, Desert Star Weekly 


“'Life Time Grammy' Winner Buddy Guy written By Carolyn Blues Singer Gaines April 1, 2015 Please review so you can Know who I am, now that I am a True Blues Singer: My Passion!”

 — Carolyn W. Gaines, Desert Star Weekly  


Yes the blues singer, author, pres. of the Bluesschools program covered Lifetime Grammy Winner Buddy Guy in many many newspaper articles she wrote, 2015.